The 3 Words We’re Using to Change Lives

simple, meaningful, happy

It’s such a simple concept – a concept we’ve embraced as a business since day one: “together we can stay local and change global”. We’re making that happen by focusing our mindsets and our products around the following three common words: simple, meaningful and happy.


01. Simple

We’ve created a collection of high quality, simple products that are locally sourced or created by our own hands in small batches – yet are still totally affordable.

We put a whole lot of love into every product we create and we put a whole lot of care into sourcing and curating a collection of products that fit within our mantra – embracing local in order to change global. We aim to keep our products both simple and affordable, yet still maintaining high quality.

02. Meaningful

Every purchase that is made through The Simple Cup is helping women & children in Ethiopia escape the grips of poverty. This is able to happen because we give 75% of every sale directly to our nonprofit partner Fields of Hope.

We chose Fields of Hope to be our partner because we believe in what they are doing. The state of Ethiopia breaks our heart. To know women and children are being abused in such violent ways breaks our heart. Because we are in direct contact with the founders, we know exactly where the money is going and in turn how many lives we are actually having a positive affect on! To be able to offer even the smallest glimmer of hope to people in such grave need makes our heart so happy.

Fields of Hope is still very small – just like us – and we hope to share more updates on their growth and success as an organization in the near future. Right now, they have successfully registered a school with the Ethiopian government that will create a safe haven and have teachers readily available for both children and their mothers. The mothers will have the opportunity to learn skill sets that in turn will create sustainable work for them to support their families and escape prostitution.

03. Happy

We create and source products that will make you smile. Little reminders that your life is absolutely beautiful. Making you happy makes us happy! 🙂

That is why our newest collection is focused around encouraging you to live a simple, meaningful and happy life. By doing this, we can help empower and create happy lives for women and children on the other side of the globe.

Together we can stay local and change global.

If you have any thoughts, questions or comments, OR know of anyone creating products that are a perfect fit for our shop – please email us.

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