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3 Steps to Start Acting Kindly


Think of someone whose day you would like to brighten. This can be a friend, family member, coworker - anyone. You can send as many as you would like!


Fill out the form on this page if you would like us to send out the postcard for you, free of charge. Or scroll down to purchase your own pack of cards to send!


Share our kindness initiative with your friends on social media + continue to act kindly every day. Use #simplekindness to share pics of our postcards!

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Some Things to Make Note Of
  1. The recipients information you provide will not be used in any other way. The email address you provide is for us to contact you if we have any issues with your submission. You will also be added to our email newsletter list!
  2. You may send as many postcards as you would like! Just re-submit the form with the new information + your information again for every new recipient.
  3. The postcards are standard mailable postcard size. The postcard is available in four colors which you can choose while filling out the form. The front of the postcard reads “You’re Simply the Best” and the back reads “You just received a random act of kindness. We’re hoping to simply brighten your day. Join us by acting kindly towards others or learn more at thesimplecup.org/kindess.” You can add a short custom message that will be handwritten on the back. The recipients address will also be handwritten.
  4. This is a free service. We will be fronting the cost of the postcards and the postage if you choose to mail them through us. You can also purchase a pack of 4 postcards to send out yourself for $6.00 (it includes stamps!), see below.